The Complete Time Management Package

Time Management Training Basics

in PowerPoint Format

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An inch of time cannot be bought for an inch of gold." ...Chinese proverb

Time management is critical for many areas. It applies equally to the home and workplace. There are no skills required other than a willingness to change one or two habits. This package will help you use your time better and reduce some of the stresses of life.

This package covers all the basics and much more with no jargon!

Train and customize

You can modify the package as you wish for your own use and training purposes. Most companies will not allow this degree of flexibility. Using this ready-made package to train others will save you valuable time.

Remember, teams that practice good time management are much more likely to meet their deadlines!


  • What is time management?

  • Goals and objectives

  • Urgent vs. important

  • Productivity

  • Time logs

  • Key time destroyers

  • Strategies

  • Delegation

  • Information collection and processing

  • Filing and day files

  • Decision PATH

  • Reminders

  • Combining tasks

  • Monochronic and polychronic time

  • Divergent and convergent thinkers

  • Scheduling

  • Personality drivers

  • Assertiveness

  • Stress

  • Much more...

Product features

  • Time Management presentation (over 100 slides)

  • Full notes

  • Supporting Excel and Word templates


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